ObsessedWith12Inch : Really? Another vinyl rips site? There are not enough already?

Yeah...I know. Vinyl is now hip, and 80's too, so everybody is jumping in the wagon. Yes, there are a lot of blogs posting 80's stuff, but just a few posting high quality rips. As far as my research went, only two websites are up to the standards. BurningTheGround and FunWithVinyl. And as far as I know, Paul was the first of the trend, always improving and posting amazing stuff. There are some awesome sites like fade2grey or SystemofRomance, but not the same concept.


I will try to keep the standards that BurningTheGround and FunWithVinyl set for us. I will also try to not post something they already did, there is plenty of music from that era, to go around posting the same. I say try, because maybe sometimes I will. The pressing is different if you compare releases from different countries, so the same 12" will sound different, depending the country is was published.


There are also a few more differences:


- I will post one rip a week, some times more. The focus is quality,not quantity, and to have fun, too! So no pressure! :-)

- here it said that I will usually not post the full rip, just the A side. I finally gave up and I am posting the full rips, even if the B sides are crap :-)

- I will post some spanish, french, italian, german, danish, norwegian music sometimes, not only in english.


The password to access the files area is: Obsessedwith12inch


About the rips


All the vinyl are Near Mint, cleaned with AM Record Cleaner before the rip. I clean the few clicks and pops manually with Sound Forge. 

The output from th Yamaha AS-501 is done with the Pure Direct function, which implies no processing of the sound or equalizing whatsoever.

I will provide the files in Flac format if you want to do your own processing, besides the MP3 in High Quality VBR.


Equipment I use:


Technics 1200 M3D with an Ortofon Nightclub stylus.

Yamaha AS-501 Amplifier

Mac Mini i5, 8gb ram, MacOS El Capitan (Aye!)

Sound Forge 2.5

Gold plated cables

Password to access The files : Obsessedwith12inch